Premier Heavy Equipment, Inc.

About Us


Top-Notch Quality & Premier Service

The Premier Heavy Equipment, Inc. is a young company which was established in June 2019 in Davao City. It started its operation with limited resources; four employees and only a handful of Road Rollers and Excavators for trading.

Driven by the challenging dream to become Davao’s leading one-stop hub of quality heavy equipment without compromising customer satisfaction and growth of its employees, the founders have worked on the organization and operation of the business which consequently resulted to organizational improvement, and expansion of goods and services being offered.


What Makes Premier Your Ideal Partner

To date, the company engages in heavy equipment trading, selling of attachment and parts, heavy equipment rentals, and heavy equipment servicing. It has also become the authorized dealer of Sany Heavy Industry Corporation, the number one heavy equipment company in China, which is also the 6th largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world, and the first in its industry in China to enter the FT Global 500.

Although a neophyte in the industry, Premier is motivated with its relentless spirit to serve and the continued support and trust of Sany Global. As such, from the dream of becoming Davao’s leading one-stop hub of heavy equipment, the company is envisioning to become the Philippine’s leading heavy equipment distributor.


Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values


The Premier Heavy Equipment, Inc. is envisioned to become the leading heavy equipment company in the Philippines that is being commended for its excellence, efficiency, and innovation by the year 2033.
Our Vision, Mission & Core Values


It is the company’s mission to contribute to the infrastructure development of the country by:

Innovative Heavy Equipment Solutions

Continually showcasing and offering diverse selection of quality and innovative heavy equipment to our clients in the construction and mining industry, government, and private clientele at reasonable prices;

Reliable After-Sales and Rentals

Providing prompt and responsive post-sales services and heavy equipment rental services

Ensuring Excellent Customer Service

Providing effective and excellent customer service experience to ensure customer satisfaction.

It is also the company’s mission to provide a safe and enabling environment that nurtures continual growth and development to all the company’s employees and officers.

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Core Values

PRACHTIGE is a Dutch word which means, beautiful.
For Premier, this word represents the acronym of the company’s Core Values which bind all the employees, officers, and upper management. These core values establish the culture and behavior that the organization imbibe, to wit:





We demonstrate a conscientious, courteous, and business-oriented manner while on the job


We find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties


We acknowledge and take responsibility of the consequences of our actions, behaviors, and decisions

Customer Focus

We foster the culture of putting the needs of our customers first to build strong customer relationship and enhance client satisfaction

Hard Work

We must have a great deal of effort or endurance to achieve our goals


We take coordinated action as an organization and work together to achieve our common goal


We uphold honesty, fairness, decency, and uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles


We strive for holistic growth for our personal and professional development/improvement


We do achieve results with the least waste of time, resources, and efforts